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  • General Manager
  • Brown belt

For me, X Martial Arts Schools really is a family affair!

My husband and daughter joined in 2016, as I was heavily pregnant with our son I was unable (but itching) to get on the mats.

I joined as soon as I was given the all clear from my GP then 3 years after our son ran onto the mats and never looked back!

Now 8 years on I’m part of this incredible team, my husband is in the Certified Instructor Training program and both children are part of the fantastic XMA Competition team, competing across the country.

We love having a shared interest as a family and I look forward to the day we can all train in the same class!

My favourite part of X Martial Arts is the unique community we’ve cultivated over the years.

There are people from many different walks of lives all together with one common ground.

The atmosphere is one of positivity and support and I look forward to seeing everyone each week.

Martial arts has changed not only my life but my whole families and I wouldn’t have it any other way.