• 2nd Dan Shorai Black Belt
  • 5x WKC World Kickboxing & Sport Karate Champion
  • Multiple times Junior European & British champion

Sam’s martial arts story begins with his father at the age of 6. He’s experienced many disciplines of martial arts throughout his childhood, ranging from: Kickboxing & Sport Karate – Thai boxing – K1 – Boxing – Jui Jitsu.

As well as martial arts skill; Sam experienced a huge boost in: confidence, discipline, respect and maturity (from a very young age). All due to his commitment to martial arts.

After his success as a martial arts competitor, Sam has now carved a career in teaching martial arts as the chief instructor of the York HQ.

“Martial arts has been apart of my life for over 15 years now and every day I have the same drive as I did back then. The only difference is now I do it for others, people who have also had their lives totally change due to martial arts and the people who have yet to have their lives change due to martial arts.”