• X Martial Arts Malton Co-Owner
  • 3rd Dan Shorai Black Belt
  • Competed at WKC world championships 2019 & 2022

I started my martial arts journey at the age of 27 after being recommended by a friend, it soon became clear that I had a passion and enthusiasm for the martial arts and began training as much as I could.

I received my first Dan Shorai Black belt in 2017, second Dan Shorai Black belt in 2019 and third Dan Shorai Black belt in 2022.

Outside of Martial arts, I’m a keen fitness enthusiast partaking CrossFit, running and weightlifting. I also enjoy watching various martial arts alongside other sports too.

Having experienced the benefits of martial arts first hand, I truly believe martial arts can benefit everyone whether that be physical, mental or social. Not everyone who joins martial arts is going to want to go compete and “fight” every persons goals are different and I feel privileged to be able to help people achieve these goals.