New Earswick, York

  • 1000sq ft matted area
  • Fully equipped with martial arts and fitness training equipment
  • Large viewing area with access to the Folk Hall water cooler and cafe facilities
  • Free 50+ space car park, on main bus routes and large bicycle storage

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One of our XFIT and Adults members Speaking about how X Martial Arts has effected herself and her son

Another fantatsic video showcasing our classes. This time focusing on our 7-12 year olds group. What do you think?

For this weeks #TechniqueTuesday we are working variations of a turning side kick. Filmed at our insructor devleopment weekend in portugal earlier this year we are assited by young athlete, and 2018 WKC World Champion Harvey Fisher.

Mr Watkinson with this weeks #WorkoutWednesday

Make sure to check out this weeks #TechniqueTuesday!

#XMAREPRESENT is back! For summer 2019 make sure you #XMAREPRESENT for your chance to win an amazing prize! When taking part in activities, on holiday or doing whatever your doing this summer make sure you are representing with your XMA merchandise. Post on Instagram or Facebook and use the HASHTAG #XMAREPRESENT (make the post public) Our favourite post will win one of the following 🎁 XXL Wavemaster worth £350 🎁Karate Party worth £200 🎁iPad worth £309 Whichever you’d prefer!! The competition starts today and the winner will be announced on Monday 2nd September.

Another fantatsic video showcasing our classes. This time focusing on our 7-12 year olds group. What do you think?

Teamwork makes the dream work😁

Very proud of Mr Fisher this morning. Teaching his first full class start to finish (leadership included) on a Saturday morning. Our busiest class of the week! Well done sir 💚

Does your child need to improve their confidence??

It’s almost time! 🗓 Tomorrow 5 of our members showcase their skills at the UKs premier mat sport show in York. Please show them your support by coming and spectating and cheering them on! 🎫Tickets still available.


Who’s your favourite film star?🤔

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Here's the link for this weeks #TechniqueTuesday!

What do you think of our new medals? The most common use for these is once you’ve received 10x student of the classes. But will also be awarded for other exceptional achievements. 🥋

18 ways to push yourself out of your comfort zone! 1. Face your fears 2. Take a risk 3. Be confident 4. Embrace the unknown 5. Never give up 6. Be resilient 7. Keep learning 8. Strive for improvement 9. Try new things 10. Love what you do 11. Invest time in yourself 12. Believe in yourself 13. Challenge yourself 14. Explore new things 15. Set goals 16. Don't be afraid 17. Be positive 18. Say YES more often!

Happy Birthday Mrs Britland!🎉

That’s more like it! 🙌

We’re LIVE with the Ninja Kids this morning!

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6 year old Jasmine tells us why she loves X Martial Arts Schools. Why do you love X Martial Arts Schools?🤔

Look how well these ladies are working with Miss Burnett!

Live at the HQ with our teen & adult class.

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After the huge success of our HQ in Acomb, we opened our satellite school in New Earswick after two years. The classes currently run from the fantastic New Earswick Folk Hall. As classes have got busier the team are working hard to secure a full time premises so we can expand the classes offered.

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Opening Hours

We run timetabled classes within the below times, outside of these times we use the Acomb facility (6 miles distance) for private tuition classes with one of our qualified instructors. Please contact us for the most up to date class schedule.

  • Tuesday & Thursday: 4:00pm - 7:30pm
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Tom Beal

Tom Beal

Instructor and owner of X Martial Arts Schools - New Earswick/Malton | 2nd Dan Shorai Black Belt

Having being taught by Mr Burks and Mrs Britland throughout his full martial arts journey, Mr Beal understands exactly how his classes need to be taught and the professionalism required to run an X Martial Arts School.

After achieving his 1st Dan Black Belt in 2015, Tom opened up a satellite martial arts school in New Easrwick using the massively popular set of programmes and systems already established in York.

"I love teaching the professional martial arts programmes to everyday people available through X Martial Arts Schools. I currently teach at all three locations and I'm looking forward to moving the New Easrwick School in to a full time facility in the future"

Sam Watkinson

Sam Watkinson

Instructor | 2nd Dan Shorai Black Belt | 2 x 2015 WKKC World Champion

Mr Watkinson has a fantastic knowledge of martial arts despite his young age. He began his training under the watchful eye of his dad a former Thai boxing champion, and the instructors at Multi Masters Academy. In 2014 Sam joined the X Martial Arts Schools instructor and competition team and has grown from strength to strength in both! Winning two world kickboxing titles last year and becoming a full time instructor straight from college. Mr Watkinson teaches at all three locations currently and is looking forward to opening his own X Martial Arts School in the future.

Cole Rochester

Cole Rochester

Instructor and owner of X Martial Arts Schools - Malton | 2nd Dan Shorai Black Belt | Multiple British kickboxing Champion

Mr Rochester started his martial arts training at the tender age of 4 in a Lil' Dragon's programme. Throughout his ten year martial arts journey he has competed nationally and internationally, picking up a silver medal at the 2015 world championships in Florida.

Mr Rochester assists in classes at both the Acomb and New Earswick schools, and is highly respected by both junior and adult members.

Gail Cuthbert

Gail Cuthbert

Certified Instructor Training Programme | 1st Dan Black Belt

Miss Cuthbert (Cole's mum) has shown massive dedication to her own and her son's martial arts training. Living an hour away from our nearest martial arts school, they travel down at least twice per week to assist in class and to train.

Having trained for 10 years, Miss Cuthbert has developed great martial arts skills. You'll find Miss Cuthbert assisting at both our Acomb and New Earswick Schools.

  • We are located in the Main Hall of the New Earswick Folk Hall.

New Earswick Folk Hall
Hawthorn Terrace
New Earswick
YO32 4AQ

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