Acomb, York, HQ

  • 1600sq ft matted area
  • Fully equipped with martial arts and fitness training equipment
  • Fully stocked Pro-Shop, supplying all the equipment needed for your martial arts journey
  • Dedicated viewing area with 30 seats, coffee machine, water cooler and CCTV
  • Shower room for private tuition clients

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X Martial Arts Schools, York was live.

Great to have Mr Burks leading tonight’s session🥋 A tough session 💪🏼

X Martial Arts Schools, York was live.

X Martial Arts Schools, York was live — at New Earswick Folk Hall.

X Martial Arts Schools, York was live.

Sidekick week! 🙅🏻‍♂️

X Martial Arts Schools, York was live — at New Earswick Folk Hall.

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X Martial Arts Schools, York was live.

Last chance to book your tickets for the end of year awards! 🏆Celebrate our World Championship Success 🥋Our New Black Belts 🍕Enjoy Stone Baked Pizza 🍻Make a toast with a drink from the bar!

Are you following us on Instagram? 🤔 We post daily content 📲 Be sure to check it out! ✅

X Martial Arts Schools, York was live.

X Martial Arts Schools, York was live.

Confidence through martial arts! 🦁

X Martial Arts Schools, York was live.

🎁Here’s an early Christmas Gift 🎁 💥Pay no tuition fees this December at X Martial Arts Schools💥 Book in for your taster session in one of our age specific programmes. Classes in Acomb & New Earswick. 🐉Lil Dragons, 3-6 years old 🥋Ninja Kids, 7-12 years old 🥊Teens & Adults, 13 years + 🙅🏻‍♀️Ladies only, Fitness kickboxing 📲 Book in for your taster session today‼️

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Have you booked your tickets for the end of year awards? Saturday 8th December in York. Come and celebrate a fantastic 2018! 🥋

Our Black Belt Leadership Ninja Kids working on their sweeps! 🧹🥊 🙅🏻‍♂️

X Martial Arts Schools, York was live — at New Earswick Folk Hall.

X Martial Arts Schools are excited to announce the launch of our 4th location! 🗓 January 2019 🌍 Malton, North Yorkshire 🥋Kids & Adult programmes 🏆World Champion Instructors More details to follow.... 🤩

X Martial Arts Schools, York is in Malton, York, United Kingdom.

Confidence through martial arts! 🥋 How has martial arts changed your life??

Martial Arts is for everyone! 🥋

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Congratulations to all our Black Belt candidates! 2 X Martial Arts Schools Black Belts 10 Shorai Martial Arts 1st Dan Black Belts 1 Shorai Martial Arts 2nd Dan Black Belt What a fantastic day! 🥋

X Martial Arts Schools, York is at X Martial Arts Schools, Wakefield.

Celebrating a fantastic Lil Dragons Red & Yellow Belt test! 🥋

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⛔️Belt Testing⛔️ Please arrive 5 minutes before your time slot in FULL UNIFORM & required EQUIPMENT PACK. BELT COLOUR YOU ARE TESTING FOR 3-6 year olds 8:30am - Lil Dragons Red & Yellow Belt 9:00am - Lil Dragons Orange & above 7-12 year olds 9:45am - Ninja Kids Red & Yellow belt 10:30am -Ninja Kids Orange & Green Belt 11:30am -Ninja Kids Blue & Purple Belt Teen & adult 12:30pm - Adults Red - Purple Belt (including Ladies only)

Working the basics for tomorrow’s belt testing 🥋

X Martial Arts Schools, York was live.

🎄We have just announced the winner of our Christmas Sale prize draw in our community groups! Head over there to see who won a brand new Apple iPad and AirPods gift set!

X Martial Arts Schools HQ is our original location, as well as currently being our most popular school with over 30 timetabled classes per week, it also plays host to women's only fitness sessions, private tuition classes, corporate events and team building and our hugely popular Karate Parties.

School Enquiry

Opening Hours

We run timetabled classes within the below times, outside of these times the facility is available for private tuition classes with one of our qualified instructors. Please contact us for the most up to date class schedule.

  • Monday - Friday: 4:00pm - 8:00pm
  • Saturday: 9:00am - 12:30pm
  • Sunday: Closed
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Luke Burks

Luke Burks

Owner | 3rd Dan Shorai Black Belt | 9 x British Kickboxing Champion

Mr Burks' martial arts journey begun as a 9 year old shy, un-confident boy who was invited to his local community centre to join in a children kickboxing class by a neighbour. Instantly taking to martial arts, over the next ten years Luke would win nine British titles, represent his country at world championships on multiple occasions, earn his black belt and become an instructor.

Fast forward to 2013 and X Martial Arts School was born! Over the next two years the school grew to a huge success while not only producing British, European and world champions, also producing a team of fantastic, passionate and dedicated instructors. But also providing focus, fitness and confidence to the masses.

2016 saw a huge change of direction for Luke as he opened the first two X Martial Arts School franchises with his team of instructors.

"I've been very fortunate to have been taught some world class martial arts skills by my instructors, colleagues and friends. Our goal at X Martial Arts Schools is to reproduce this on a larger scale than previously available and allow thousands of everyday people to receive the benefits available through the X Martial Arts Schools Programmes"

Jay Britland

Jay Britland

Chief Instructor | 3rd Dan Shorai Black Belt | 15 x British Kickboxing Champion | 2015 WKKC World kickboxing champion

Jay also began her martial arts journey around the same time as Mr Burks, at the same martial arts school.

Jay's presence on the competition circuit was even more dominant, over her years of training Jay has won world, European and national titles in an array of disciplines.

Having taught martial arts straight out of college, Jay was the perfect instructor to own the Ossett location.

"Having picked up so much knowledge and experience on the competition circuit I'm keen to pass all of this information over to our members, whether they train for competition success, to improve focus or fitness. My passion is to help them achieve their goals"

Tom Beal

Tom Beal

Owner of X Martial Arts Schools New Earswick - 1st Dan Shorai Black Belt

Having being taught by Mr Burks and Mrs Britland throughout his full martial arts journey, Mr Beal understands exactly how his classes need to be taught and the professionalism required to run an X Martial Arts School.

After achieving his 1st Dan Black Belt in 2015, Tom opened up a satellite martial arts school in New Easrwick using the massively popular set of programmes and systems already established in York.

"I love teaching the professional martial arts programmes to everyday people available through X Martial Arts Schools. I currently teach at all three locations and I'm looking forward to moving the New Easrwick School in to a full time facility in the future"

Sam Watkinson

Sam Watkinson

Instructor - 1st Dan Shorai Black Belt - 2 x 2015 WKKC World Champion

Mr Watkinson has a fantastic knowledge of martial arts despite his young age. He began his training under the watchful eye of his dad a former Thai boxing champion, and the instructors at Multi Masters Academy. In 2014 Sam joined the X Martial Arts Schools instructor and competition team and has grown from strength to strength in both! Winning two world kickboxing titles last year and becoming a full time instructor straight from college. Mr Watkinson teaches at all three locations currently and is looking forward to opening his own X Martial Arts School in the future.

Jacob Watson

Jacob Watson

Certified Instructor Training Programme - 1st Dan Shorai Black Belt

Mr Watson also started his martial arts journey with Multi masters academy alongside his brother and his mum. Since joining X Martial Arts Schools Jacob has developed his martial arts skills, improved his confidence and joined our Certified Instructor Training Programme.

Mr Watson assists in classes at all three locations and does a great job!

Cole Rochester

Cole Rochester

Certified Instructor Training Programme - 2nd Dan Shorai Black Belt - Multiple British kickboxing Champion

Mr Rochester started his martial arts training at the tender age of 4 in a Lil' Dragon's programme. Throughout his ten year martial arts journey he has competed nationally and internationally, picking up a silver medal at the 2015 world championships in Florida.

Mr Rochester assists in classes at both the Acomb and New Earswick schools, and is highly respected by both junior and adult members.

Gail Cuthbert

Gail Cuthbert

Certified Instructor Training Programme - 1st Dan Black Belt

Miss Cuthbert (Cole's mum) has shown massive dedication to her own and her son's martial arts training. Living an hour away from our nearest martial arts school, they travel down at least twice per week to assist in class and to train.

Having trained for 10 years, Miss Cuthbert has developed great martial arts skills. You'll find Miss Cuthbert assisting at both our Acomb and New Earswick Schools.

X Martial Arts Schools
65-71 York Road
YO24 4LN

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