WKKC World Championships success!

WKC 2016 World Championships - Dublin I don't know where to start with this week, it has been amazing! Very proud of how well the team supported each other throughout the training and throughout the tournament. Thank you for all the fundraising from our members, friends and family to help get our team to Dublin. Harvey Fishers first world championships has been a massive step up for him, the nerves got to him on the first day, but redeemed himself on the second day. He should be proud of himself for representing his country and holding his own. I don't think this will be last we see of this future champion. Izack Watson has performed the best I have ever seen him this week! He fought his heart out to earn a bronze in both his points and light con categories and was then selected for both light con and points team events earning another silver medal in his light con team second! Keep up your hard work and dedication, defiantly a future world champion. 2 x Bronze. 1 x silver medal for Izack Cole Rochester has risen to the occasion after narrowly missing out on gold at last years world championships. He held his own in his points section, which he doesn't favour. Just struggled against taller opponents. In his light con section stormed through everyone who was put on front of him! And I mean stormed!! Also picked for his light con team section and with the help of his team mates they also won that section. A great week for cole. 1 x Bronze. 2 x Gold - World Champion for Cole, first of many. Sam Watkinson had very tough sections to stand out in this year! Unfortunately sam was pipped to the post in both his light con and points categories by other English team members, they have all fought each other previously and all beat each other. It can go either way. Sam was chosen for the points team and helped secure them a team World title. Keep working hard Sam! 2 x silver . 1 x gold - world champion for sam. Adding to his previous 2 golds from Florida last year. Elliott Robinson's first experience at a world championships, I forget this as he has trained for what seems so long! Elliott unfortunately was beaten by fellow English team members who went on to win the categories in both his light con and points and was awarded with two bronze medals by default. Elliott has massive potential and this trip has Inspired him to work even harder and improve on his performance at next years championships. 2 x bronze medals for Elliott. Dave Greenall unfortunately went out of his very competitive veterans points category in the first round, his opportunity for redemption came from the men's veterans team which made it through to the final against another veteran team from England. Dave made up for his previous mistakes in this team event helping to earn them a silver medal. 1 x silver medal for Dave. Helen Cooney has made massive progress since joining us around 6 months ago. She managed a bronze medal in her points category after narrowly missing out to another English competitor and put on a fantastic performance to miss out on the gold in her light con section from a split decision. Helen missed out on the gold by losing to her instructor, which there is zero shame in especially when you realise what she has achieved! 1 x bronze, 1 x silver medal for helen Jay Britland with her best performance to date, which when you win pretty much everything anyway is a hard feat! Jay has won her individual points and continuous category, woman's light con team and woman's points team! And went all the way to the final in the woman's grand championships missing out on the title to Morgan Plowden, anyone who knows points fighting will know Morgan is the one to beat! 4 x Gold - World champion for jay Adding to the title she won in Florida last year 7 x Gold 5 x Silver 6 x Bronze What a great achievement for X Martial Arts Schools!