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3 - 6 years

Our 3-6 years classes are designed to give your child the best head start in life possible!

The classes are watered down martial arts techniques in a fun, positive, disciplined environment. The classes are a fantastic way of introducing or improving your child's understanding of structure and routine.

We currently have over 100 3-6 ...
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7 - 12 years

The 7-12 year old classes are our most popular! We offer a great balance of fun, high energy classes through a modern curriculum, but making sure we still deliver traditional martial arts values such as discipline, respect, focus and confidence.

The main reason parents enrol their children in to our classes is to improve their confidence. After ...
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Teens and Adults

Fitness with purpose!

Our adult classes are the friendliest in town! Guaranteed!

They are full of people just like you! Lots of people have a stereotype of who trains in an adult martial arts class, and it couldn't be further from the truth!

Our classes are full of men and women of all ages and ability ...
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Private Tuition

A Private Tuition course is a fantastic way to achieve your own personal goals faster! Whether it be to become the best martial arts athlete you can, prepare for an upcoming belt test or to improve your fitness levels without repetitive gym routines, our team of champion instructors can help!

Our PTs are held at one of our fully equipped studios...